Coconut Grove Artist George Rodez Selected As Poster Artist for Carnaval Miami

This year’s Carnaval Miami will showcase the work of Coconut Grove’s own artist, George Rodez, with his piece entitled, Flowers in Carnaval.  Rodez owns his own gallery on the second floor of CoCo Walk and uses the space also as his personal studio.

“I have been awarded other posters as an artist in the past, but never before has any one poster represented something that was so dear to my hear,” says the artist.

What started in 1978 by the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana as an event to share the Cuban culture in Miami has become the virtual Pan-American showcase it is today.

CARNAVAL MIAMI is a two-week festival that draws close to ONE MILLION residents and tourists to the Miami area. It is celebrated each month of March with events that include concerts, footraces, culinary competitions, galas, a weekend of art & jazz, and the nation’s largest street festival. This year the festival takes place from February 18 – March 11, 2012.

This year the Kiwani’s selected artist George Rodez to grace the cover of the festival’s posters and other product merchandising. Rodez created a piece specifically for the festival which he calls, Flowers in Carnaval.

“Flowers in Carnaval belongs to my Afro-Caribbean Series. When I was awarded the poster for Carnaval Miami’s 35th annual celebration by the Kiwanis of Little Havana, I knew right then and there that this would be my series of choice for this piece of artwork since this body of work represents not only my Cuban roots, but all Latin cultures throughout,” he explained.

The piece uses 35 Malanga leaves to represent the 35 years of celebrating Carnaval Miami. These plants represent the people of Cuba and their daily struggles to keep their very existence  just 90 miles away from the land of plenty. The painting also has 8 Flowers representing Calle Ocho, and musical instruments representing the colorful festival.

Rodez will also be participating in the Artist Village at the Carnaval on the Mile event on March 3 & 4, 2012. This event takes place in the city of Coral Gables, Florida on its famed thoroughfare, Miracle Mile. The event runs from Saturday, March 3 from 11 am to Midnight to Sunday, March 4 from 11 am to 8 pm. The event is a festival of fine art, jazz & funk, fine cuisine, cocktail pavilion & children’s entertainment. Three concert stages, a mile of paintings, crafts, photography & jewelry of the highest caliber; one cultural experience for people with stylish taste!

More information or images about this Coconut Grove Artist, please call 786-543-7237 and visit his website


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